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MIU Services



E-Newsletter: The E-Newsletter will be a weekly letter that will cover the latest news of new projects and deals in the construction and A/E fields in targeted countries that are of interest to subscribers.  News sources include MEED, WAN tenders, Economist articles, Financial Times articles, and many more.


Membership Directory On-line: The directory of the A/E Business Council members containing their fields of work and their distinguished projects.


Membership Directory Hard Copy: The same directory printed.


MIU Members' News: The latest news of the A/E business Council Members and other subscribers to the MIU of their projects, achievements and success stories.


MIU Forum: Discussions that take place between the subscribers through the MIU website.


Business Guides & Reports: Information provided to the subscribers about doing business in countries of interest including Market/Sector Characteristics Trends, Market Access Rules & Regulations, Industry Standard Regulations, Trade Leads, Business Tools, Guides, Checklists, Business Directories and Government Links.


Market Information Fact Sheets: Specific information about the construction market in the targeted countries.


Market Briefs: Specific information about the A/E sector in a certain market.


Country Profiles: General information about a country in addition to PEST Data, Foreign Trade Statistics, and Cultural & Travel Information.


Publications, Guides: Any useful publications or guides in the A/E field or the marketing field that can help the members.


Professional Newsletter: Newsletters from similar professional associations that are published regularly

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