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Marketing Intelligence Unit Services Section
These are resources for different business groups that operate in a range of markets within the A/E sector Documents containing building codes and regulations stated by the corresponding governments.  Essential for any company building within these countries.
Building Regulations: (6) Documents
 Dubai Green Building Regulations & Specifications    
Publish date: March.15.2012
Last Update Date: March.15.2012
Language: English
Price: 0
Green Building Regulations and Specifications in the Emirate of Dubai
 Dubai Building Code Regulations   
Publish date: February.21.2012
Last Update Date: February.21.2012
Language: English
Price: 15
Dubai Building Code Regulations
 Oman Regulations for Organizing Buildings   
Publish date: February.16.2012
Last Update Date: February.16.2012
Language: English
Price: 15
Oman Regulations for Organizing Buildings
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