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Business Intelligence Solutions


Intelligence Solutions

Unlocking secrets in your data to monitor corporate performance, increase market share and gain customer insight

Employing executive dashboards and scorecards, CEOs can view key performance indicators of their organization with the click of a mouse to make more immediate, better informed decisions that translate into increased profitability and a competitive edge.

YOUR BUSINESS. SMARTER. In a competitive marketplace, lack of immediate access to information can be devastating to long-term viability.

Consider how your business would handle these situations:

• Two key sales division leaders are absent from Monday morning sales update meetings, yet you need to set performance goals for the week.

• You would like to make personalized recommendations to customers, but aren't sure how to identify demographics and buying patterns.

• End-of-season inventory counts don't match sales figures. You suspect internal fraud, but are unable to substantiate it.

The solutions to these dilemmas lie in the massive amount of data you already accumulate about sales performance, customers, the supply chain and employees. But as long as that data languishes inside multiple computers, in paper reports scattered throughout offices and in different applications, it can't be converted into knowledge you can use to develop effective sales strategies and fulfill reporting requirements.

Business Benefits from Business Intelligence

MSI Systems Integrators (MSI) Business Intelligence Solutions extract meaningful information from your raw data, giving you the power to understand key indicators, spot new business opportunities and forecast market trends. Information is captured from multiple sources and securely stored it in a central database. You can analyze data on finances and profitability, customers, vendors and marketing and sales effectiveness in an easy-to-navigate format. With our solutions, you'll be able to:

• View key performance indicators real time, with the click of a mouse.

• Harness the wealth of available data within your organization to make more informed decisions.

• Enhance your competitive edge by building detailed profiles from customer demographics and buying habits.

• Standardize reporting and increase reporting speed across your organization.

Your Business. Better.


Why Companies Invest in Business Intelligence

• Seventy-eight percent of CEO's at America's fastest growing companies report using five or more performance metrics for managing their business.

• Automated data profiling takes 90 percent less time than manual assessment.

• The ability to make business decisions based on tightly focused, fact-based analysis is emerging as a measurable competitive edge in the global economy.

• Companies employ business intelligence to use real time sales figures, customer demographics and buying habits, and supply chain information to evaluate bottom line health, accurately predict sales trends, redistribute inventory appropriately and negotiate supplier contracts.

Business Intelligence Key Offerings

Business Intelligence Architecture Assessment

MSI's Business Intelligence Architecture Assessment involves developing recommendations for business intelligence tools, standards, policies and governance based on the identified business needs. MSI's business intelligence architecture assessments can:

• Interview business and IT to determine current capabilities

• Develop recommendation for tools, standards, policies and governance

• Produce a readiness plan and gap analysis of the environment

Enterprise Performance Management

MSI's Enterprise Performance Management offerings capitalize on the existing Business Intelligence foundation and populate missing components to deliver information in new, more efficient ways.

Scorecards and dashboards simplify the delivery of information to employees needing it at the precise time. This improved information flow and enhances decision making improved profitability and employee satisfaction. MSI's Enterprise Performance Management offerings:

• Identify and document requirements

• Identify and document key performance indicators

• Capture required data needed

• Construction corporate dashboards or scorecards to deliver key performance indicators

Reporting, Analytics, and OLAP Assessment

MSI's reporting, analytics and Online Analytical Planning (OLAP) assessments can:

• Identify and document stakeholder requirements

• Develop and document engagement guidelines

• Develop and document business case

• Document project scope

• Identify and document product and project assumptions

• Identify project team members, roles, responsibilities and tasks

Solution Implementation

Based on results from an assessment, MSI will implement comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions which leverage our solution architects and engineering teams. Proven processes and technical skills ensure that the best solution is architected to meet individual customer business requirements. MSI's comprehensive Business Intelligence implementation may include one of the following offerings:

• Health checks, capacity planning and performance tuning

• Database, reporting tools and Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) implementation services

• Database design

• Managed Maintenance

Business Intelligence at Work

Because MSI's Architects design solutions to address specific customer needs, companies benefit regardless of their size or the nature of their business. The following example illustrates the experience of a customer who invested in an MSI Business Intelligence Solution.

A Customer Problem

After dominating the financial market in its region for decades, a large financial institution acquired a group of banks to further stretch its market share into a new geography. The acquisition included addition of 9.2 million new customer names and account information hidden in multiple silos within each acquired bank, department, region and customer category. This posed a risk for name duplication when matched against its own database and a significant compliance risk with governmental mandates for financial information management.

There was a need to match and standardize all names, addresses and account information across all silos to avoid customer confusion and to achieve account retention. An opportunity to acquire yet another group of banks loomed on the horizon and they needed an immediate solution. They turned to MSI.

The MSI Solution

MSI constructed a Business Intelligence Solution that organized and standardized integrated customer account information, making it available for cross-marketing campaigns, retaining customers and enhancing the customer experience during the acquisition. MSI followed this criteria for the solution implementation to:

• Ensure survivorship of customer information with no duplication of customer names and information.

• Integrate new names and information into current systems and reports from the disparate departments into a usable view.

• Ensure the information was timely, clean and accurate.

• Build a system to streamline information integration for future acquisitions.

The databases included multiple sets of mortgage customers, checking and savings account holders and investment customers, so MSI first standardized the customer information to ensure survivorship of customer information. Using the 'Corporate Information Factory' methodology and tools such as DB2, Oracle, IBM WebSphere DataStage, Business Objects XI Enterprise analytics and reporting , MSI provided an environment that allowed a consolidated view of corporate information - divisionally and company-wide for decision making purposes.

The Result

The company is now poised for future acquisitions and is equipped to have immediate communications with their new customers. They now avoid the risk of duplicating names, losing customers and incurring duplicate mailing costs. With newly integrated customer information in place, they can do demographic profiling and work toward compliance. The financial institution is positioned to maintain and grow their existing customer base with the assurance that all systems have been streamlined with consistent and accurate account information, enhancing their customer service.

Architects and Engineers Drive Success

A smooth transition to a new system depends on readily available, highly skilled personnel. To ensure that customers receive expert help promptly, nearly half of MSI's workforce is composed of engineers and solutions architects. This level of service is unparalleled in the industry, and demonstrates MSI's commitment to building long-term relationships with its customers.

• data encryption

• perimeter security

• IT Service Management

• integrate IT Processes

• optimize IT Service Performance

IT Optimization, Enterprise, Security Content, Management

• inquiry applications

• enterprise-wide

Business Intelligence

Business Integration

portal and dashboard interfaces

• business process workflow

• application development for data systems

To learn more about Business Intelligence Solutions, contact us at 800.640.4674 or visit www.msiinet.com. © MSI Systems Integrators REV80106

Building a Business Intelligence Solution

MSI's Architects design solutions with the best and most cost-effective Solution Somponents available. As a partner with more than 30 leading vendors in the industry, MSI is not confined to a single idea or single brand when resolving a client's need. MSI supports business intelligence needs around the following Solution Components:

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE provides data marts to store information collected from multiple sources. Services include design of data management, data mart implementation, performance monitoring and tuning, and employee training.

SERVERS offer hardware that houses data marts and associated applications.

STORAGE provides hardware that holds data, software for backup and archiving, and technology for online storage and high density offline storage. Services include information storage and retrieval.

NETWORKING offers equipment that transports raw data from the database engine to knowledge analysts while maximizing the network bandwidth.

DATA CENTER FACILITIES offer services to evaluate and design environments that ensure the reliability and availability of IT systems.

MANAGED SERVICES provides a flexible alternative to traditional systems management and availability offerings that can provide significant IT savings.

MANAGED MAINTENANCE provides complete contract and inventory management services through skilled, dedicated resources backed by a secure on-line tool.

FINANCIAL SERVICES offers project financing via lease or loan services for the entire suite of MSI offerings.

Business Intelligence: One Solution, Many Benefits

MSI's solutions focus on six categories of business issues. But IT solutions, like business problems are never isolated. When MSI's Architects build a solution, they examine how it affects your entire IT system to maximize its benefits. This graph illustrates how MSI's Business Intelligence Solutions might address other areas of business concern.


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