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Special Services

Basic MEED Subscription
When you subscribe to MEED, you will be able to stay updated with breaking country and industry news, daily tender alerts, the latest contracts awarded, Middle East projects and keep ahead of the latest economic data and market trends. MEED is a promising and important business source because it is the leading business intelligence in the Middle East since 1954. Moreover, you will be able to search our digital archive which dates back to 1994 and sign-up for newsletters targeted by key sectors and regions which will allow you to stay posted with changes in the markets that interest you.

MEED Projects
It is difficult to obtain comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate project information in a complex and crowded market like the Middle East. In order for you to achieve success in this market, you must be the first to know about the business opportunities. In order to do that, MEED will make sure that you are ahead of the competition providing you with the pertinent project information at the earliest stage in development process and most of the time before the project has been announced. MEED Projects can provide you with the following and more!

  1. Accessibility to solid and in-depth project data, and all their updates.
  2. Access to Key players’ contact details and useful information in a timely manner
  3. Help in forecasting, conducting trend analysis and producing strategic reports
  4. Quick and accurate project alert system that can be tailored to your needs
  5. Improving your ability to monitor your market and your competitors

MEED Projects will only cover the regions of the Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

Tenders Info
From the Public Procurement Domain worldwide, TendersInfo is the largest and most comprehensive source of International Tenders, Bids, RFP's, Contracts, Upcoming Projects Information, Procurement News, Buyer Profiles and Bidding Consultancy. By subscribing to this service you will have easy access to over 20,000 live opportunities encompassing requirements from 230 countries and all Industry segments because of its simple and intuitive search. The database is updated everyday during the year with close to 5000 new opportunities.

Business Monitor International
Covering 175 countries and 22 industry sectors, Business Monitor International (BMI) is a leading independent provider of proprietary data, analysis, ratings, rankings and forecasts. BMI gives you and your company the best information and access to high quality decision-makers at the top levels in multinational companies, financial institutions, multilaterals and government, by integrating Country Risk and Financial Markets Analysis with Industry Research.

Inquiry Service: This service provides answers to questions asked by the members. These questions usually are quick to answer and do not take lots of effort. If they need time to research they become Tailored Market Research.

Tailored Market Research: a special report made for one of the subscribers tailored to their individual needs and inquiries.

Tender Alerts: All the tender alerts that will be available to the subscribers through MEED Projects and Tenders Info and any other sources available to the MIU.

Information Sessions: The A/E Business Council will hold several information sessions during the year for the MIU subscribers to discuss the insiders guide to the website as well as several issues about the A/E sector.

Trade Trainings: Trainings will be held by the A/E Business Council on how to successfully trade and export into other regions of the world.

Marketing Trainings: These will be trainings held by the A/E Business Council to help our members and subscribers successfully market their services in new markets. These trainings will range from successful marketing in trade exhibitions to marketing directly with potential international customers.

Certification Seminars: The A/E Business Council will work with sector professionals that will bring our members and subscribers opportunities to attend seminars and become certified in a variety of marketing and exporting skills.

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