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Welcome message

Dear Subscribers,

Welcome to the Marketing Intelligence Unit!

This year has been an exciting one for the Architects & Engineers Business Council. I am proud to introduce to you our new Marketing Intelligence Unit developed specifically for the Architects/Engineers Consulting Sector. This is a unique service demanded by the sector, and the first of its kind in the region.

A specialized team of a variety of experts has developed a portal in which specific information and intelligence has been created, compiled and analyzed for you, our valued customer. We are now able to provide you with accurate and timely country and market information in which you can streamline your business strategy and make well educated and confident decisions for your business.

This project was a great undertaking for our Association, but our members and the sector needs are our first priority. We hope that you will be able to utilize this Unit in a way that can transform your current marketing and sales operations. We believe that this service will not only open up a world of opportunities but also provide you competitive advantage tool during the current slump in the economy.

We know what a valuable tool this can be, especially with the amount of specific sector information, exporting and market analysis and our personalized training services, we feel you will be just as satisfied and excited as we at the Council are.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the service, and I suggest exploring the website extensively. If you have any thoughts to share with us, we are always eager to hear from you so contact us at any time.

Welcome again the A/E Business Council's Marketing Intelligence Unit. Enjoy building your intelligence!

Architect Samar Kilani, 
 Executive Director        
A/E Business Council   


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